Who runs more, soccer players or basketball players?

A great way to help to tackle childhood obesity is to make sure that they are getting enough exercise, with soccer and basketball being among the most popular sports with kids today. But which one of these sports gives us the best workout? Well, we decided to take a look and see.

Running is a rudimentary and primitive sport, but running is the main component in most sports around the world. Running helps people lose weight, keep fit, increase metabolism and may have psychological benefits, many runners claim that they feel euphoric when running. All running sports are heavy sports that require many years of practice and training. If you want to practice a sport, you must first learn how to run properly.

With the technological development, the specialists could measure with great precision the distances traveled by sport players in the most popular sports.

Soccer and basketball are two different sports, the most obvious difference between these two sports is the size of the playing surface. A soccer field has a much larger surface area than a basketball court. So, it is easy to understand that a soccer player will run in a match more than a basketball player.

Soccer fields used in league and international matches must be 100-105 meters long and 64-68 meters wide. In basketball things are different because the playing surface is much smaller, the basketball train having a length of 28 meters and a width of 15 meters. Considering the dimensions of the playing surfaces, it is easy to realize that a soccer player runs more than a basketball player.

The distances traveled by the players of the two sports during a match, are calculated according to the rules of each sport, not just the size of the playing surface.

The basketball game consists of two teams, each team having 10 players (5 players on the court and 5 players on the bench). A basketball game has four quarters and two halves. Between the quarters 1 and 2 and respectively 3 and 4 short breaks of two minutes take place, and between the quarters 2 and 3 a break of 15 minutes takes place. Generally a basketball game lasts about 40 or 48 minutes. In basketball the players on the field can be replaced at any time with the players on the bench.

The football game consists of two teams, each team has eleven players on the field plus the players on the bench. The maximum number of replacements is three. A soccer match has two halves, each half having 45 minutes, and the break between halves is 15 minutes.

Considering all the differences between these sports, there is no doubt that a soccer player runs in a match more than a basketball player. Because the court is small and the player changes are often made, the average distance run by a basketball player exceeds 5 km.

In soccer things are different because soccer is a running game, but the distance traveled by a soccer player during a match is calculated according to the position the player occupies on the field.

To withstand a nearly continuous 90-minute run, the human body needs training and energy. On average, in a normal game played at a moderate rhythm, soccer players run about 10-11 km and burn on average 1300 calories.

So, they must be well-prepared to be able to withstand the 90 minutes of almost continuous running, and for this, soccer players are taken to camps in areas with different temperatures. Soccer players camps are very strict and are mainly based on running, physical effort and endurance.

To get an idea of the distance run by a soccer player during a match, you just have to look at the history of the best football players today, who occupy the position of midfielder because the midfielders are the ones running the most on the ground.

On average, a midfielder can run 12 km in a match, which is a lot compared to the maximum 5 km run by a basketball player.

It cannot be said that a basketball player does not train intensely or that his training is not as important as that of a soccer player, but you must know that in basketball there is not much emphasis on running but sprinting.

If a soccer player runs a lot on the field, that does not make him an extraordinary soccer player. Take Messi, for example, is the best soccer player in the world at the moment, but he is considered the laziest soccer player on the field because he does not run very much in a match.

Sometimes it is more important to be smart not to be fast.